Burdock Tea Bags(15g20pcs)

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  • Features
  • Usage
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    • Special collected burdock. Edible for vegan.
    • Suitable for cold, warm, hot drinks, warm drink, sweet and refreshing. Bags are pieced burdock dried by sun, baked through dryer and hot air drying for 15 hours to make a burdock tea bag. The product adds no artificial pigment, chemicals and preservatives, you can have it healthy and at ease. Burdock is cool tonic food; however, burdock tea has been converted under warm temperature through a long time, and changes to warm tonic food. Burdock tea is fermented tea.
    • Burdock has rich nutritional value, which is 2.6 times the dietary fiber content of carrots, but also contains protein, calcium, iron, minerals, and amino acids. Burdock helps maintain digestive function, and is a popular health drink. This product is not only for drink but well used to cook.
    • ※ Burdock Tidbits: Fresh burdock is cool tonic food. Commercially available burdock products are not made with procedure of warm temperature conversion. Those burdock tea are cool tonic food, and not suitable for drink daily. Burdock needs temperature conversion to become warm tonic food, heating the longer, and positive stronger.
  • The product is edible for all ages and vegan.

    Irregular lifestyle person; constipation problem; skin care; improve metabolism; like meat without fruits and vegetables for long-term; improve physical function; young men require constitution regulation; protect digestive system functions; for kids’ additional nutrition; elders have difficulty to have dietary supplementation; have constitution regulation during menopause; fast food junkies; women want to have pretty and health.

    One burdock tea with 2500cc water, brew for 20 minutes.

    One burdock tea with 2500cc water, standing 10 minutes after boiled.

    Cook with two packs of burdock tea and foodstuffs such as meat, mushrooms, vegetables and etc.

    ※ Cook with some Chinese medicine such as medlar, red dates, Astragalus propinquus, good for health and delicious. One tea pack brews with 2500cc water.

    According to personal preference, control drink temperature and soak time, such as putting into the refrigerator, and please finish drink in two days.
  • Original Burdock Tea Bags
    Ingredients: Featured Burdock
    Weight: 360(15g)20 sachets
    Origin: Taiwan
    Manufacturer: Ching-Yuh Biotech Company
    No.1-1, Dongshihliao, Jiali Dist., Tainan City 72268, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    P&C insurance: Have tea insured from MSIG Mingtai Insurance Company for 2000 million. Policy No: 0846-03PDT00008
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size 10g
    Serving Per Bag 36 packs
      Per Serving Per Serving 100g
    Calories 56.5Cal 376.9Cal
    Protein 1.5g 10.0g
    Fat 0.02g 0.1g
    Trans fat 0g 0g
    Saturated fat 0g 0g
    Carbohydrates 12.6g 83.8g
    Sugar 0.7g 4.7g
    Accept 26mg 171mg
    Chlorogenic acid 24.48mg 164.1mg
    Inulin 3.8g 25.2g
    Arginine 93.8mg 628.5mg
    Dietary fiber 4.9g 32.6g
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Expiration Date: Marked on the outer box
    Storage: Please keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.