Burdock Essence Capsules

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    • Special collected organic burdock. Edible for vegan.
    • Sweet aftertaste.
    • Essence extracts of organic burdock are catalyzed by biological enzymes, with highly unicellular extracting technique, it retains the healthy nutrition such as chlorogenic acid, inulin and Arginine, especially the amount of chlorogenic acid can raise to 20 times comparing to original quantity. Burdock contains rich dietary fiber – 6.7 per 100 kilograms, chlorogenic acid and valuable essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals; also contains chlorogenic acid, isochlorogenic acid, caffeic acid polyphenols, polyphenol, and dietary fiber. It protects digestive system functions, improves foster bowel movement, and regulates constitution, physical function.
  • The product is edible for all ages and vegan.
    Twice a day, two-piece capsules in the morning and evening.

    Weakness wants to have dietary supplementation; fill energy when in a state of exhaustion; maintain youthful, healthy skin; have constitution regulation during menopause; work in air-conditioned room for a long time; fast food junkies.
  • Chlorogenic-acid Burdock Capsules (Organic Burdock)
    Ingredients: Organic burdock and plants
    Weight: 60 pieces (500mg per piece)
    Each 1000 mg contains: Dietary fiber 600 mg, Iinulin 283 mg, Chlorogenic acid 15 mg, Total polyphenols 21 mg, Arginine 11 mg
    Daily value: Calories 2000 kcals, Protein 60 grams, Fat 55 grams, Saturated fat 18 gram, Carbohydrates 320 grams, Sodium 2400 mg
    R&D: Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science and Technology Department of Food Science and Technology
    OEM: Ke-Li Biotech Company
    No.73, Fanziliao, Jiali Dist., Tainan City 722, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    Publisher: Ching-Yuh Biotech Company
    Origin: Taiwan
    P&C insurance: Have tea insured from MSIG Mingtai Insurance Company for 2000 million. Policy No: 0846-03PDT00008
    Burdock capsules are made from organic burdock
    Organic Agricultural Product No: NCKU-GPCD-PR-137-11
    Material No: TT0000526006
    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 1.0 ± 0.1 grams (two pieces)
    Serving Per Bag: 30 packs
      Per Serving Daily Value
    Calories 1.3Cal 0.1%
    Protein 0.1g 0.2%
    Fat 0g 0%
    Trans fat 0g *
    Saturated fat 0g 0%
    Carbohydrates 0.7g 0.2%
    Sugar 0g *
    Accept 0mg 0%
    Chlorogenic acid 15mg *
    Inulin 0.3g *
    Arginine 11mg *
    Dietary fiber 0.6g *
    Total polyphenol 21mg *
    Shelf life: 3 years
    Expiration Date: Marked on the outer box
    Storage: Please keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.